What do I get for my ticket?

The price of your ticket includes access into our designated festival area, which is adjacent to the World’s Largest Axe and nestled on the bend of one of the widest vistas on the entire Saint John River system!You will be given your very own festival branded sampling glass. During the 4-hour festival you are free to sample products from any of the 27 beer, cider, wine and mead producers who will be set up at various stations around the grounds. We will have over 150 varieties! Your taste buds are the limit - you can sample a particular beverage more than once if you are particularly fond of it.

This will be an amazing outdoor event where you can come, relax, and mingle with like-minded people and chat with the vendors!

We will have 4 great music bands providing live entertainment and creating the atmosphere!Be sure to bring a little extra cash in case you get hungry, as there will be food vendors selling locally grown and sourced foods!